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Posted on 2019-09-19

Brahman is a Sanskrit word, which refers to the highest universal principle. It is also described as the ‘absolute’ or ‘ultimate’ reality. The Sanskrit root ‘brh’ makes up the word, and this means ‘to grow or expand.’ Hindu texts refer to it as the Atman, which means soul or self.

Brahman is also known as being the spiritual source of the universe, and is omnipresent and eternal - it is the thing which causes all other things to grow, and is the source of all that exists in the world.

The soul and the truth are all part of the concept of Brahman, and it is the essence of everything which can be experienced, but not seen. The idea is that every single living being on earth comes from this cosmic soul - of Brahman, and so every person in the world is spiritually connected.

The world of yoga recognizes Brahman as an understanding which the yogi hopes to reach through spiritual practices such as pranayama, mantras, asanas, and meditation.

Yoga as a spiritual practice is intended to help the practitioner understand and experience the nature of Brahman. It is designed to help the yogi master the senses and the mind, with the ultimate goal being to bring the Self closer to the spiritual source.

Brahman is the ultimate goal of many who are seeking a spiritual path; it is essentially the achievement of ‘one soul’ which helps you to connect to the higher, global soul which is believed to exist in all of us. While every individual contains within them a soul, Brahman takes this to the next level and connects every living thing on the planet, including humans, animals, and plants. Without it, none of these can thrive or prosper, and it is essential for both the physical and spiritual wellbeing of humanity.

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