Yogateket FAQs Details Page

What is Yogateket and how did it all begin?

Yogateket provides online yoga, Pranayama, and meditation classes with Lizette Pompa and other experienced yoga teachers. Whether you are a yoga newbie or an experienced teacher, you'll find guidance and inspiration at Yogateket.

We have classes at all levels and different styles like traditional Hatha yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, Yoga strength classes, Yin yoga, and restorative, as well as meditation and Pranayama Once you subscribe to our monthly, Bi-annual or annual subscription, you will have full access to all our yoga classes, programs, and yoga challenges. You can follow your favorite teachers, leave comments and ask questions under their classes.

How did Yogateket come to live?

Lizette Pompa and her husband Nicklas Johansson has a long history from yoga and training, and they own a yoga studio In Uppsala Sweden. Original though came from creating videos for their students to keep up the practice when yoga studio closed during summer. It evolved, and International teachers joined the community.

They believe the yoga practice should be fun and rewarding for body and mind and accessible for anyone as long as they have a connection to the internet they can tune in and get real on a yoga mat from any part of the world.

How to contact us?

For any questions about your account or technical issues. Look here in the FAQ. If your question can't be answered then use the Zendesk support