Yogateket FAQs Details Page

How can I find classes easy?

It is easy to find yoga classes of your choice in our online yoga library Yoga-teket

  • You can filter classes by level, body parts, teacher, and duration
  • Under the filter option, you have a search function where you can search on any word
  • You have also under each class a hyperlink so that you can filter by style
  • In Yoga-teket you have first our programs the challenges and finally all classes
  • In your dashboard it possible to schedule and save your favorite classes for easy access

Level 1. 

  • You learn the basics and fundamentals of yoga poses. This includes proper alignment, pranayama breathing techniques and the use of props as a means of assistance. Through a step-by-step practice, you’ll grow confident in your yoga poses. Our level one classes are designed for both beginners and experienced yogis. We recommend that you complement our online classes with studio classes, in order to get hands-on guidance.

Level 1-2.

  • Classes in level 1-2 add to the fundamental poses of level 1, but with variations that require a bit more strength, flexibility, and balance. These classes require some yoga knowledge and experience. We still use props and show modifications to ensure a safe practice.

Level 2.

  • We continue to build on proper alignment and building strength, stamina, and flexibility, but start to link poses with breathing into a flow. Level 2 classes encourage yoga as a moving meditation through rhythm and flow. In order to develop mind-body vitality, these classes are more intense and more challenging. This is also where we start introducing more advanced poses to help you reach your next yoga level.

Level 2-3.

  • At this level, you are assumed to have an understanding of intermediate yoga poses. Classes are designed to improve your intermediate yoga practice by challenging your stamina and pushing you towards learning more difficult poses. Level 2-3 classes involve holding poses for a longer amount of time, trying to perform advanced and physically demanding poses, and incorporating challenging flows and variations. You move at a faster pace and go deeper into the poses.

Level 3.

  • These classes are designed for advanced yogis who do not need demonstrations. They are composed of advanced poses done at a vigorous pace. You should only take these classes if you have several years of yoga experience as well as exceptional yoga knowledge, stamina, and flexibility. This is for the self-directed student looking for a challenge.