Strengthen Your Hips

This class is about finding new ways to work with your hips, to find balance between strength and flexibility. The more we open the hips the more we want to make sure we can support that openness. We start by lubricating the hips to move into a flow full with different hip drills.
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Lizette - I have been following your YouTube classes for over a year now and I love your flows and classes. Just started YogaTeket today and loved this hip strengthening class! Thank you!
Thank you Jenny, so glad you liked it.


I took an Orange Theory class yesterday so my hips needed some extra attention today. Flow perfection! 🙏🏻
Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it.


My hips shaked a lot during the last "boat", thanks Lizette!
Thank you :)


Loved this class so much! Felt especially nice to give my hips some extra attention. Thank you!
You are welcome!!