Yin Yoga Practice for Supple Hips

During this practice, we will focus on moving through a series of Yin yoga postures that will focus on opening up our hips. Long holds allow us to release tension and tightness through the deep connective that is not often affected in Yang like practices, allowing us to access the passive flexibility of our hips.

Hips are the area of the body where a lot of emotions from the past are stored unconsciously. Move through this practice and if feelings from the past arise just notice them and let them go, allow yourself to use props as showed to surrender more at times.

Enjoy your practice!

Yin Yoga Practice for Supple Hips_0 Yin Yoga Practice for Supple Hips_1 Yin Yoga Practice for Supple Hips_2
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This felt amazing. I appreciate your peaceful energy and clear explanations. Thank you Vinay!
Thank you so much!


🙏🏻 A beautiful class. Thank you so much.


This is a wonderfully opening and restorative session. Thanks!