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4 weeks

The Power of Four

Whether you are aiming to increase your strength or flexibility, this program will help you incorporate different kinds of training during the week.

The Power of Four consists of four different classes a week focusing on a specific area of the body. Every week Lizette will guide you through yoga, weight training, mobility, and a full class incorporating everything.

Mix and match these classes as you want and discover the power of bringing variety and new ways to move into your practice.

Equipment needed:

  • A set of dumbbells (I'm using 2kg each).
  • Kettlebell (8kg).
  • Resistance band.
  • Dowel.
  • Two yoga blocks.
  • Wall space.

1 week
Yoga practice at Yogateket with Lizette Pompa

From Flexibility to Mobility

When we think about mobility it can be easy to get it confused or mixed with flexibility; mobility is the ability to take a joint to its full range of motion with control.

This program is divided into five classes to help you work through different parts of the body and work on your mobility. To be able to achieve a good amount of mobility, flexibility is a significant prerequisite.

During these five classes, we will try to take our flexibility into mobility, working hard to control our full range of motion and by doing so, find stability in our joints. 

1 week
Yoga practice at Yogateket with Vinay Jesta

Five Elements Intermediate

In this Vinyasa Yoga program, we focus on embodying the qualities of the 5 elements. When these qualities are in balance we experience harmony in our life. Although vinyasa yoga is primarily a fire practice, being aware of the qualities of 5 elements and incorporating them into the practice will help us have a more balanced body and mind. Get ready to get strong, flexible, centered and more open in body, mind, and spirit.

Enjoy your practice!

4 Challenges

3 weeks
start free trial for beginner pranayama yoga practice or start a yoga challenge on your trial, vinyasa yin , core and more

21-Day Pranayama Breathing Challenge

Our first and our last actions in this world will be a breath. Breathing is one of our most vital processes and a constant companion affecting every aspect of our mental and physical functioning. Yet very few of us are aware of how we breathe, let alone actually try and train our breath.

Now is the time to start. This challenge works with simple movements and breathing exercises to create a more easy, efficient breath. Each day we build it up, letting go of unhealthy breathing patterns and developing good ones.

The breath is intimately linked with every aspect of our physical and psychological well being. Discover one of the most powerful ways you can work with yourself.

Start your 21-Day Pranayama Breathing Yoga Challenge today!

3 weeks
Yogi Guy Powiecki in easy pose

21 Day Meditation

This 21-day meditation is the perfect yoga challenge to give yourself. Accessible and no experience needed. We start right at the beginning and gradually develop it. Ever thought about meditating, now is the time. Be kind to yourself, meditate for ten minutes a day.

Meditation can help you to concentrate, be present, calm your mind, sleep better, feel better, basically improve every function of how your brain operates. If the brain and the nervous system are happier, this is also great news for the body!

10 min guided meditation per day to form a healthier lifestyle!

1 week
Ashtanga-vinyasa meditation

Step Out Of Your Yoga Comfort Zone

This one-week long yoga challenge is meant to be a tool to grow and transform and help you to step out of your "yoga" comfort zone. 
If you are not a yogi that is trying out new classes and teachers regularly, this might be challenging but at the same time super rewarding. 
In seven days you will try six teachers and five different styles of yoga.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time.” Anonymous


331 Classes

45 min

45-Min Core Class

This Core class focuses on the front and side of the abdomen (Rectus Abdominis and Obliques).

The keywords for this class are "hug your lower ribs to your hip bones".


45 min

Full Body Yoga with Kettlebell

A full-body yoga class using a kettlebell. Start by warming up different parts of the body to then move through a series of flows using a kettlebell to add an extra challenge to your practice. 


20 min

How to Headstand

In this class we're going to be looking at the headstand. After this class, I'll give you some exercises and tips to activate and strengthen our foundation...our core!!! which is one of the most important things to nail this posture. Enjoy the journey!
20 min

Fire Core

This class is all about the core, one of the most important things to find true strength in the body and the mind, to find balance as well as to nail some of the most challenging postures. Get your core on fire and join me on the mat!
30 min

Quick Morning Practice

For those who wake up ready to move, this class will get you moving with a mix of strength and flexibility. Starting by warming up the spine and legs, then moving into a flow using hamstrings and leg. 
15 min

Quicky Glutes

A quick class focusing on glutes starting on the back in bridge pose.  Enjoy this short class on its own or together with some other practice you do today.
20 min

How to Camel Pose

This video is all about backbends! Specially camel pose or Ustrasana. This posture can be a very difficult pose for the neck, especially if your shoulders are tight. We'll go step by step and of course, I'll give you some variations and exercises to warm up and strengthen your shoulders and back.
25 min

Strong Open Hips

Time to work on your hips. This flow focuses on moving the hips in different ways to make them stronger and mobile. 
30 min

Pistol Squat Class

Do you want to work on your pistol squat? Then this class will help you warm up, prepare and play around this challenging single-leg squat. 
45 min
screenshot from online yoga class with Daniel Scott at Yogateket yoga studion in Uppsala sweden

Daily Flow

This 45-minute class offers you a little bit of everything necessary to maintain strength, flexibility, and sanity on those days you don't have much time to move.
30 min

Splits Time

Once in awhile all your hamstrings need is a good stretching session. This class moves through hamstrings, inner thighs and quads to help you open up and work towards your splits or straddle. Go slow, and pay attention to how everything feels before moving deeper into the postures.


30 min

Build Up the Heat

A quick flow working through the whole body. Start with a warm-up to then build up a flow where you will feel the heat rising through your body.
20 min

How to Open Your Hips

Opening your hips it's a very slow and steady process, that's why we have to take it nice and easy. In this class, we'll practice different exercises that will help you to open your hips a little bit more. You'll feel the improvement in your daily yoga practice.
30 min

30-Min Full Body Practice

A 30-Min full body practice to give you that quick energy boost you need to go through your day. 
10 min

Quick Upper Body

A quick upper body workout with dumbbells.

  • Rows with extension.
  • Push-ups.
  • Pike push-ups.


30 min

Strong Shoulders

In yoga, there can be a lot of focus on the front of the shoulders as we move between plank and chaturanga. This class is aimed to bring some balance and strengthen the back of the shoulders. Move through a series on postures where the focus goes to help you activate your back to support the front. 
15 min

Tight on Time

If you don’t have much time and would like to do a short Yin Yoga practice, this sequence is for you. It targets most areas of the hips, thighs and low back. Perfect if you’ve been sitting all day or in-between appointments.

20 min

20-Min Yoga with Dumbbells

A 20-Min yoga flow using a set of dumbbells to bring extra load and challenge the body in a different way. You decide how much weight you want to use. Get ready to break a sweat.
15 min
screenshot from online yoga class with yoga teacher at Yogateket yoga studio in Uppsala Sweden

Side Planks

Side planks are really important for builiding strength and stability in both shoulders. Let's flow to develop a sense of perfect balance as we build strength on all the sides of our bodies.
20 min
Pranayama in practice at Yogateket with Guy Powiecki

Surya Bhedana - Sitali Pranayama Class

Surya Bhedana is more activating and stimulating pranayama designed for energetic transformation.

It is always suggested to balance the heating effects of Surya Bhedana with Sitali or Sitkari.

This is a complete class where we start with Surya Bhedana and finish with Sitali.

CONTRAINDICATIONS:  If you are pregnant or on your cycle do not practice Surya Bhedana.

20 min
easy pose yoga

Ajna/Third Eye Meditation

In this Meditation practice, we will focus on stimulating the qualities of the Ajna chakra that we may want to embody in our day to day life. It's the sixth chakra (energy center) and is associated with our insight, intuition, and ability to see beyond what we can see with our naked eye. By the end of the practice, you should feel calm, centered, relaxed. Make sure to adopt a seated posture that is absolutely comfortable for you and allows you to focus on the practice fully.

Enjoy your practice!

10 min

How to Standing Splits

This posture might look impossible, but remember that "what goes down, must come up". This is how posture can be described and summed up. Standing split creates a wonderful stretch for all the muscles of the leg and is also a great exercise in balance and since it acts as a mild inversion, improves circulation and strengthen the immune system.
10 min

10-Min Seated Practice

A 10-minute seated practice focusing on hips and shoulders.
10 min

Stronger Wrists

Wrists are very important in many postures like planks, chaturanga, arm balances, inversions, handstands, and other challenging postures. In this class, we'll do some exercises to build some strength into the wrists. It's a perfect warm-up that you can do before your daily yoga practice.
3 Classes
Surfer yoga costa rica

Yoga for Surfers

Yoga for surfers collection with Sofia is meant to complement your surfing. We put together three short classes, perfect before after and anytime you need to work some strength. 

This collection is designed to help any surfer to perform better on the board but with that said anybody can benefit from these classes.

Hang loose

17 Classes

Monday Workouts

Here are all yoga workouts in one place, get stronger and more focused with this short workouts. 

All in one place no need to search for them. Let them be your home for strength building.

Yoga strength
5 Classes
Open up program with Lizette Pompa Yoga

Open up with Lizette Pompa

When was the last time you dedicated 10 to 20 minutes to open up a specific area? Give your body time to really explore where you can get while focusing on just one area at a time. Various Styles