Level 1-2

Classes in level 1-2 adds to the fundamental poses of level 1, but with variations that require a bit more strength, flexibility, and balance. These classes require some yoga knowledge and experience. We still use props and show modifications to ensure a safe practice.

14 Programs

1 week
Vinyasa Fundamentals beginner yoga

Vinyasa Fundamentals

Whether you are new to yoga or just new to Yogateket the basics of every style are a strong foundation for your practice. Vinyasa fundamentals are short beginners program to get your yoga practice right from the get-go.  

Learn how to begin to practice a vinyasa style in a safe and strong way so that you can move through a full class feeling confident and having a better understanding of the postures.

You will review something different on each class, from the concept of ujjayi breath to the foundational postures such as downward facing dog, plank pose, chaturanga, upward dog, warrior l, warrior ll, and high lunge.

This is a perfect place to start if you are feeling unsure and a bit overwhelmed with what a full class. Remember that this is just the beginning and the more you practice the easier it will get. So bring your mat and a couple of blocks and let your journey begin. 

8 weeks

Pranayama Program Level 1

Pranayama is a profound practice. It has a whole host of health benefits and is probably one of the most effective tools there is for holistic health. It works primarily on the nervous system, and through that, it has an influence on pretty much every other system in the body. It can improve your digestion, give you a slower and more even heartbeat, bring greater mental calm, give you more energy, help you deal with the effects of stress, improve your cardiovascular fitness, improve the health of all your organs and much more.

Pranayama needs regular practice and commitment to start being internalized and genuinely felt. This eight-week program is the perfect place to begin your relationship with pranayama. Helping you develop a regular practice and introducing different techniques at the appropriate times. There is a new class for each week. Ideally, you would do this class every day of the week, but indeed as many days as you can. There is also an introductory video for the start of each week, where we will go over new techniques and themes.

4 weeks
Yoga teacher performing yoga posture on green yoga mat on white background

Ladder Fit Flow

Ladder flows are different than a regular Vinyasa class because of their sequencing. We'll begin with two or three postures and then we'll keep on adding one or two new movements per round. Each round is linked by a Vinyasa or sun salutation. We'll do 5 rounds in total, by the 5th one, we'll have memorized a complete flow feeling much more comfortable in every posture and trying to do it better every time, challenging the mind and the body. Ladder Fit Flow is a great full-body workout where we balance strength and flexibility and we get a moving meditation.
3 weeks
Updog in nature Uppsala Pranayama breathing

Yoga Therapy

Accessible for everyone.  Designed to alleviate suffering from postural problems, neck and back pain, or life on the computer.  The course can also be a good place for beginners to start or for anyone wishing to dive into the foundation of their practice.

We use a lot of simple spinal twists and bends.  The aim is to work on spinal mobility and to start to correct postural imbalances, allowing free movement and spinal health.

Core strengthening exercises are introduced.  Often posture problems manifest due to a weakness in the core.  Your core will be strengthened in the appropriate places.

3 weeks
Screenshot from an online yoga class at Yogateket Uppsala

Trust Your Foundation

In today’s society, there is a lot of talk about “finding balance,” as if it was some elusive, mystical state in a galaxy far far away, that we can only reach through much effort and experimenting. 

The truth is that balance is our naturally inherent state. If we could remove all the clutter, we have placed on top of the body’s natural wisdom, and become more adept at listening to what it tells us. We would know when something is throwing us out of that naturally present state of ease. Instead of burying that something under more distractions, we would simply let it go. 

Finding physical balance is about learning not to hold on, or grasp, for dear life, but rather trusting yourself enough to expand into the space around you. To live your life fully, with a sense of feeling grounded and rooted, yet infinitely light.

4 weeks
ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher sofia soori practice ashtanga vinyasa yoga for health beginner program are in en language

Ashtanga Fundamentals

Welcome to Ashtanga fundamentals a four-week course in Ashtanga vinyasa for beginners.

The goal of the program is to get to a level where we have developed a self-practice so we can use it as a base to an everyday easy yoga practice at home. 

Understand the basics of the Ashtanga yoga method. Get the tools and inspiration to practice yoga more regularly.

Good luck! 
1 week
Vinsay Jesta

Five Elements

In this Vinyasa Yoga program, we focus on embodying the qualities of Pancha Mahabhutas or 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) into the vinyasa practice. Each of the 5 elements has certain qualities and we are all an embodiment of the qualities. When these qualities are in balance we experience harmony in our life. Although vinyasa yoga is primarily a fire practice, being aware of the qualities of 5 elements and incorporating them into the practice will help us have a more balanced body and mind. Get ready to get strong, flexible, centered and more open in body, mind, and spirit.

Enjoy your practice!

5 weeks
Whole30 yoga program at yogateket

Whole30 Yoga Practice Program

Are you looking to incorporate healthy movement into your lifestyle this 2020? 

We have made a special program for you who are following the Whole30 timeline. But of course, anyone can start this 30 days of yoga classes, movement, breathing, and mindfulness. 

Enjoy the classes.

3 weeks
Pregnancy yoga

Prenatal Yoga Program

This prenatal pregnancy program is designed for all mamas to be. This time is filled with changes not only in your body but also mentally and emotionally. A yoga practice through your pregnancy will give you time and space to connect with those shifts and give you not just physical but emotional stability. Use the props as needed to support your practice and feel strong, flexible and confident as you go through one of the most magical stages of your life.
2 weeks

Todos Los Días, Todas Las Veces Que Quieras

Este programa consta de 8 sesiones, cada una de ellas dedicada a una parte del cuerpo: cuello, hombros, caderas, espalda/omóplatos, muñecas, pies, cuádriceps/isquiotibiales, caja torácica.

El objetivo es activar y calentar el cuerpo por grupos musculares y prepararlo para la práctica. El programa está pensado para antes de la práctica pero podría hacerse también durante la práctica e incluso de manera independiente. Dependiendo de la energía y del tiempo que tengas, puedes hacer todos los movimientos o posturas que se presentan de cada grupo muscular o sólo algunos de ellos.

¡Combínalos como quieras y crea tus propias rutinas!

5 weeks
down dog yoga

Ashtanga Para Principiantes

Este programa de Ashtanga Yoga pretende ser una guía para aquellas personas que deseen iniciarse en la práctica de Ashtanga. Se recomienda ir despacio e ir incorporando posturas a medida que se avance en la práctica.

La práctica de Ashtanga comienza siempre con Saludos al Sol (Surya Namaskara en sánscrito). Muchas tradiciones yóguicas creen que el Sol no sólo se encuentra en el Espacio, sino también en el corazón de cada uno de nosotros.

Los Saludos al Sol establecen la base de la práctica, calientan el cuerpo, relajan la musculatura, abren las articulaciones y estimulan el sistema nervioso. Durante su realización, el practicante comienza a ser consciente de la importancia de sincronizar la respiración, el cuerpo, la mente y el espíritu.

1 week

Weekly Pranayama Program

Are you interested in learning pranayama? Looking to deepen an existing practice?  Wanting to get more regular with your practice?  Heard of all the great effects of working with your breath?

All of these and more are great reasons to try this program.  You can do any day of the week as an individual class, or you can cycle through the whole week.  Each class is designed to support the day it is on.

Discover all the benefits, both mental and physical of working with your breath and finding time to relax.

1 week
Yoga practice at Yogateket with Lizette Pompa

From Flexibility to Mobility

When we think about mobility it can be easy to get it confused or mixed with flexibility; mobility is the ability to take a joint to its full range of motion with control.

This program is divided into five classes to help you work through different parts of the body and work on your mobility. To be able to achieve a good amount of mobility, flexibility is a significant prerequisite.

During these five classes, we will try to take our flexibility into mobility, working hard to control our full range of motion and by doing so, find stability in our joints. 

4 weeks

The Power of Four

Whether you are aiming to increase your strength or flexibility, this program will help you incorporate different kinds of training during the week.

The Power of Four consists of four different classes a week focusing on a specific area of the body. Every week Lizette will guide you through yoga, weight training, mobility, and a full class incorporating everything.

Mix and match these classes as you want and discover the power of bringing variety and new ways to move into your practice.

Equipment needed:

  • A set of dumbbells (I'm using 2kg each).
  • Kettlebell (8kg).
  • Resistance band.
  • Dowel.
  • Two yoga blocks.
  • Wall space.

382 Classes

30 min
Yogi is practising yoga on a blue yoga mat on white background

Physiotherapy movements

A mixture of simple yoga exercises and physiotherapy movements.  All designed to work on the health and strength of the spine.

You will be learning how to articulate the different parts of your back and starting to form a connection to your posture.

30 min
Yogi is practising yoga on a blue yoga mat on white background

Strong and Stable House

By now you will be becoming familiar with some of the movements and learning more about your own body.This class builds on what we have already been doing and continues the work, in the same way, developing things bit by bit.  

We are building a strong, stable house with our body.

45 min
Yogi is practising yoga on a blue yoga mat on white background

Developing Appropriate Core Strength

We go deeper into some of the movements and spend more time in the strength building exercises.

You have developed a good foundation and we continue to work it in the same way, with spinal twists and bends, while developing appropriate core strength.

15 min
breathing techniques

Breathing Therapy

This short breathing class is accessible to anyone.  It has been designed to help you to ground and to calm the nervous system.We place most of our focus on connecting to and extending the exhale.  The most calming and grounding part of the breath.

Connect to your innermost core.

30 min
breathing techniques

Letting Go of Poor Posture

We focus this week more on core strength. We have been loosening up our spines and letting go of poor posture patterns, now we must stabilize them. Spinal twists and bends are still used.  At the same time, we develop the core exercises further that have been introduced in the earlier classes.

35 min
Pranayama practice at Yogateket

We Bring it Together

The final class tries to tie everything together. We work once again on the most vulnerable areas of the spine. Core strength is made complete by exercising all the different sides of this most important container.

After completing this class you can repeat any of the classes that you found most helpful or you can simply pull out certain exercises that you felt were of the most benefit to you.

25 min
Pranayama practice at Yogateket

Breathing for Anxiety and Stress

The Breath is one of the most powerful tools we have for addressing stress and anxiety.  Poor breathing patterns are often connected to these negative states. If we manifest positive breathing patterns it creates a positive feedback loop to the brain.

Three techniques are used in this class, designed to release tension from the upper abdomen and connect to the exhale.  The exhale is the most calming part of the breath and helps to soothe the nervous system.

30 min
Pranayama practice at Yogateket

Pranayama for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Pranayama breathing works at bringing the bodies internal energies into balance. In a simple way, we could understand this by saying it brings the nervous system into balance.

Some pranayamas are more soothing and calming.  In this class, we use the ones that are mostly designed to help soothe an overexerted nervous system - Chandra Bhedana, Sitali (Sitkari), and Ujjayi pranayamas.

Take some time with this ancient art to help yourself back to a positive balance.

15 min
Pranayama practice at Yogateket

Yoga for the Face

There are 43 muscles in the face, it’s a lot.  In this short class, you will release tension from the face and the neck.  This brings psychological benefit and also helps to keep the face vibrant and young.

The face, jaw, and neck are parts of the body that hold a lot of tension and learning to release and relax them can have great benefits. The techniques of Simha Mudra, Jiva Bandha, and Brahma Mudra are introduced.

We work all the other muscles of the body in yoga, why not the face?

60 min
Pranayama practice at Yogateket Uppsala

Yoga for Depression

When we are feeling low this is often reflected in our posture.  Our poor posture then affects our mood and it becomes a downward spiral.

We have the power to reverse this relationship and take back some control over how we feel.  If we deliberately hold the body in shapes associated with openness and positivity we send a message to our brains that this is how we are feeling.

Take back control.

30 min
Pranayama practice at Yogateket Uppsala

Yoga for Heart Opening

What does heart opening mean?  It is usually postures associated with spinal extension and chest opening, mostly backbends. Why is this heart opening? These are postures associated with openness and positivity.

If we hold our posture in particular ways associated with certain moods, we trick our brain into thinking that this is how we are feeling and we genuinely start to feel that way.

20 min
Lizette pompa yoga yogateket

Not Your Typical Hamstring Class

This class might not be your typical hamstring stretching session but will for sure wake up your hamstrings and give them a balance between strength and flexibility. Move through typical hamstring stretches and then twist them a little bit by finding your active range of motion.
60 min
cobra pose hatha yoga

Asana Based Hatha Class

This class is designed to both strengthen and increase suppleness.  The traditional Hatha approach is slower and we take a resting pose between the more demanding poses.

The slowness and time to digest the poses create a more meditative environment and we try to do some of the poses with our eyes closed.

30 min
pigeon yoga

Abriendo las Caderas

En esta clase realizaremos ejercicios que nos van a permitir abrir nuestras caderas. En yoga decimos que en las caderas se acumulan todas las emociones. Por lo que estirarlas y abrirlas es muy importante para poder liberarlas de todas aquellas emociones que vamos acumulando y que ya no necesitamos. Además, abrir las caderas puede aumentar la movilidad y ayudar a aliviar algunos tipos de dolor de la zona lumbar. 
30 min
amaranta yoga

Activa tu Espalda

En esta pequeña secuencia vamos a trabajar en posturas y ejercicios que nos ayudarán a fortalecer poco a poco la espalda. Si la ejercitamos correctamente, ésta se mantendrá sana, podrá dar soporte al cuerpo y te mantendrá ágil. Además dicen que el ejercitar la espalda ayuda a ralentizar el envejecimiento.
30 min
twist yoga

Shot de Energía

Esta secuencia definitivamente te dará la energía que necesitas para comenzar tu día. Hay mañanas en las que nuestro cuerpo y nuestra mente necesitan un empujón para poder comenzar con las actividades diarias. Las posturas de yoga que trabajaremos en esta clase un aumento el consumo de oxígeno y esto hará que las endorfinas fluyan por nuestro cuerpo. 
30 min
En la práctica de yoga

Abriendo el Corazón

En esta clase, trabajaremos con la apertura del corazón, el cuarto chakra conocido como Anahata. Una forma de trabajarlo es a través de asanas que activan la apertura del pecho y que definitivamente nos llevan a una práctica muy emocional.
El corazón es el centro del amor y la compasión. Según el yoga, desde allí debes dirigir todas tus decisiones y movilizar todas tus actividades. “Primero el corazón y luego la razón”, dice una máxima yóguica.
20 min
En la práctica de yoga

Estira el Cuerpo

En esta secuencia vamos a trabajar con posturas que estiren todo el cuerpo, realizando ejercicios suaves que nos permitan preparar a los músculos para un mayor esfuerzo, así como para aumentar el rango de movimiento en las articulaciones. Nos enfocaremos en estirar sobre todo las piernas y la espalda.
15 min
En la práctica de yoga


Se dice que la forma en que comienzas tu día determina cómo será el resto del día. Usualmente la energía y vitalidad no aparecen cuando recién comenzamos el día. Así que esta clase está hecha para que practiquemos ciertos ejercicios y posturas que ayudarán a que la sangre fluya mejor y que nos ayuden a revitalizarnos suavemente. 
15 min
En la práctica de yoga

Siente tu Balance

En esta clase vamos a encontrar el balance de nuestro cuerpo. Las posturas de balance nos enseñan a esperar. Mantener el equilibrio nos ayuda a controlar la ansiedad. Es muy común pensar que nos vamos a caer cuando practicamos posturas de balance o en lo que pasará después, por lo que debemos de respirar y poner nuestra mente en el aquí y el ahora.
No estamos acostumbrados a no hacer nada y por eso las posturas de balance son tan importantes porque nos enseñan a no hacer nada, sólo a respirar y a existir.
15 min
Existen días en los que no podemos dedircarle mucho tiempo a nuestra práctica de yoga. Esta sencilla rutina de tan sólo 20 minutos

Flow de la Mañana

Existen días en los que no podemos dedircarle mucho tiempo a nuestra práctica de yoga. Esta sencilla rutina de tan sólo 20 minutos, te ayudará a mantener tu cuerpo en forma, a combatir el sedentarismo, a aumentar tu nivel de energía y a estar mucho más conectado contigo mismo y de muy buen humor.