Level 2-3

At this level, you are assumed to have an understanding of intermediate yoga poses. Classes are designed to improve your intermediate yoga practice by challenging your stamina and pushing you towards learning more difficult poses. Level 2-3 classes involve holding poses for a longer amount of time, trying to perform advanced and physically demanding poses, and incorporating challenging flows and variations. You move at a faster pace and go deeper into the poses.

2 Programs

3 weeks
urdhva dhanurasana

Progressive Backbends

In this program we will focus on progressive backbends when we think of backbends we should think of 2 of 2 components, back body strength and front body opening lack of either might often create discomfort in the lower back. This program focuses on progressively building back body strength and opening up front body to find ease in your backbends.

Be patient and find your way up progressively.

Enjoy your practice!

1 week
Yoga practice at Yogateket with Vinay Jesta

Five Elements Intermediate

In this Vinyasa Yoga program, we focus on embodying the qualities of the 5 elements. When these qualities are in balance we experience harmony in our life. Although vinyasa yoga is primarily a fire practice, being aware of the qualities of 5 elements and incorporating them into the practice will help us have a more balanced body and mind. Get ready to get strong, flexible, centered and more open in body, mind, and spirit.

Enjoy your practice!

50 Classes

70 min
camel pose linnea

Twists, Shoulders and Hips

Find your bind in this class with less talk and more movement. Move through a progressive sequence of twists, opening up the shoulders, the hamstrings and the outer hips along the way, leading up to Bound Revolved Triangle. Utilise the generated mobility of the spine for a short backbend sequence and finish up with a supine cool down. 

60 min
Lizard yoga

Happy Open Hips

In this Vinyasa Yoga practice, we will focus on opening up our hips, working through active flexibility. Progressively going deeper into hips and preparing for leg behind the head variations. Remember not to experience any sharp or painful sensations in the knee, if you feel something just back off.

Enjoy your practice!

20 min
Yoga teacher performing yoga posture on green yoga mat on white background

Posturas Finales Practicantes Avanzados

A medida que avanza tu práctica, puedes ir introduciendo más posturas a la secuencia de posturas finales. Esta secuencia establece un equilibrio entre la mente alerta necesaria para la práctica de Ashtanga y la mente tranquila que permite que se asimile dicha práctica. Es importante dejar tiempo suficiente para la realización de las posturas finales.

Después de Navasana, el orden de las posturas sería el siguiente: Urdhva Dhanurasana (o Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, para principiantes), Paschimottanasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Karna Pidasana, Urdhva Padmasana, Pindasana, Matsyasana, Uttana Padasana, Sirsasana, Balasana, Padmasana, Baddha Padmasana, Yoga Mudra, Padmasana con respiración Ujjayi, Utplutih, Savasana.

20 min

Rock and Roll Mat

One of my favorites! I am a runner in addition to doing Pilates and Yoga and a big kid at heart. This intermediate/advanced workout is a super fun way to find new strength and flexibility in your body. Have fun and make sure you double up your mat or add a blanket underneath as we will be rocking and rolling!

60 min
Itziar Donezar practicing yoga posture

La Magia de Abrir El Corazón (IV)

Clase de Vinyasa enfocada en la apertura del pecho. Preparación del cuerpo para la postura del camello (Ustrasana).

Muévete despacio al ritmo de una respiración fluida, profunda y suave. Deja que las emociones broten, siéntete libre y vive la magia de abrir el corazón

45 min

La magia de abrir el corazón (III)

Clase de Vinyasa con secuencias centradas en las extensiones hacia atrás. Es recomendable ver y practicar primero el vídeo La magia de abrir el corazón (I).

45 min
Knee to triceps yoga position

From the Ground Up

This class builds from the ground up. Start by warming up hips, feet, and ankles to then bring that into the rest of the body. Have fun working through a challenging balancing sequence where every part of the body will get a little bit of attention.

45 min

45-Min Core Class

This Core class focuses on the front and side of the abdomen (Rectus Abdominis and Obliques).

The keywords for this class are "hug your lower ribs to your hip bones".