Level 2

We continue to build on proper alignment and building strength, stamina, and flexibility, but start to link poses with breathing into a flow. Level 2 classes encourage yoga as a moving meditation through rhythm and flow. In order to develop mind-body vitality, these classes are more intense and more challenging. This is also where we start introducing more advanced poses to help you reach your next yoga level.

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45 min

Strengthen Your Hips

This class is about finding new ways to work with your hips, to find balance between strength and flexibility. The more we open the hips the more we want to make sure we can support that openness. We start by lubricating the hips to move into a flow full with different hip drills.
60 min

Support Your Immune System

For when you are feeling the onset of a cold, in times of seasonal change, or better yet — as true ‘health’ care, before you even begin to feel sluggish. Begin by slowing down with mellow hip openers, and then gradually turn yourself upside down with grounding inversions, no jumps involved.

60 min
screenshot from online yoga class  at Yogateket yoga studio in Uppsala sweden

Use Your Glutes

How often do you think about your glutes while practicing yoga? Probably not so often but believe me, you use them. In this class, we bring our focus to the glute max and medius and the movements they create as they contract. This class will give you a new understanding of how and when we use our glutes during yoga postures.
45 min

Fly As a Bird of Paradise

Join this 45 min Ladder Flow and improve your balance in Bird of Paradise and Dancer's Pose! The Bird of Paradise is an advanced and challenging yoga pose. It improves balance and stability; your body will become strong and toned. Your hips, hamstrings, and groin will be stretched, which in turn will increase overall flexibility. Legs and calves will become stronger and internal organs will get a great massage, due to the twisting and stretching involved in this particular pose. Let's fly together and join me on the mat!
45 min
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Twist to Release

This class focuses on the spine, specifically in the thoracic area. Use the next 45 minutes to explore movements through the middle back such as twisting, opening and closing the chest and side bend while keeping the lower back (lumbar spine) in place.

Get ready to release your spine and feel a lot lighter after class.

45 min
Yogi is practising yoga on a blue yoga mat on white background

Strengthen to Lengthen

Bring the focus to your hip flexors and hamstrings. This class is all about creating a balance between strength and flexibility. Feeling tight in one part of our body does not necessarily mean it needs more stretching, sometimes what we really need is more strength to open up.

So let's strengthen to lengthen and find the sweet spot in between.

10 min
core yoga

Jump Through Tutorial

During the next ten minutes, we take the time to break down the transition of "jumping through". It doesn't only take a strong core, but strong hip flexors, arms, and shoulders. Get ready to practice and hopefully make a few connections between your body and mind to start making it possible to jump through your arms.
20 min
forearm plank

Get Sweaty

Use your whole body and break out a sweat. Use the next 20-minutes to move through your upper body, core, and legs in a workout yoga class setting. No fancy equipment, all you need is your mat and towel, and you will be feeling your whole body working hard.

Come, join me and get sweaty!

10 min
Linnea jivamukti yoga

Magic Ten

The Magic Ten is a series of 10 simple asanas designed by Sharon Gannon that can be done in about 10 minutes. It can be used either as a practice in and of its own when one is short on time, or as a warm-up sequence for a more extended asana practice or to prepare for seated meditation. 

10 min
Yoga challenge strength yoga Lizette pompa

Hip Drills

This hip class is designed to bring a little bit more stability and strength onto our hip/pelvic area. We all spend quite sometime opening up our hips, let's balance that by focusing on active internal and external hip rotation. 

Hip Strengthening Exercises Love

45 min
Vinay jesta yoga yin for hips

Yin Yoga Practice for Supple Hips

During this practice, we will focus on moving through a series of Yin yoga postures that will focus on opening up our hips. Long holds allow us to release tension and tightness through the deep connective that is not often affected in Yang like practices, allowing us to access the passive flexibility of our hips.

Hips are the area of the body where a lot of emotions from the past are stored unconsciously. Move through this practice and if feelings from the past arise just notice them and let them go, allow yourself to use props as showed to surrender more at times.

Enjoy your practice!

45 min

Jump into Malasana

This 45-minute class focuses on malasana - the yogi squat. Not just on sitting down low but in activating the legs and feet to sit strong. Move in and out of this posture as you transition into the rest of the flow and feel your pulse rising as you jump back and forth from malasana to downward facing dog. Then warm up your hips a bit more before you try bhujangasana, an arm balancing posture.
20 min
Ashtanga yoga Sofia Soori Yogateket

Sofia’s Favorite Handstand Drills

Sofia’s favorite drills to strengthen her handstands. Find your core and balance working on four different exercises then repeating that for three rounds.

You need two blocks, a chair and a wall with space!

25 min

Kapotasana Preparation

In this class, Sofia goes through some preparation postures, and movements to easier find your way into deeper backbends. You will find both stretches as strength moves to get your body ready. The peak pose in this class is Kapotasana, one of the deeper backbends from Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate series. If you practice the traditional Ashtanga yoga method, this posture is often introduced to more advanced students who have been practicing for years.

5 min
Ashtanga vinyasa yoga fundamentals stockholm

Twisted Extended Side Angle Tutorial

This posture is in Sanskrit called Paravritta Parsvakonasana, and it is the 6th posture in the standing sequence of Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. This posture requires open hips and some flexibility in the spine, which the previous poses in the traditional Ashtanga sequence give you. All of the standing postures in the Ashtanga series are linked together.

This video shows you how to enter the posture step by step by breaking it down.

5 min
Ashtanga vinyasa yoga fundamentals

Big Toe Pose Tutorial

This posture is in Sanskrit called Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana and is one of the first balancing-on-one-leg postures. To enter the full posture, you’ll need some hamstring & hip flexibility, which the previous postures in the Ashtanga sequence gives you in time.

This tutorial also cues the correct vinyasa count in the posture, meaning it shows which movement is connected with an inhale or exhale.

15 min
Ashtanga vinyasa yoga fundamentals

Padmasana Preparation

In this class, we focus on opening up the hips to easier get into one of the more well-known postures, Padmasana or Lotus position. We are talking about how to avoid hurting the knees when entering the posture. You should never force your legs into the lotus position. It should come with ease and enough flexibility in the hips.

5 min
Ashtanga vinyasa yoga fundamentals chakrasana

Chakrasana Tutorial

This tutorial shows you step by step how to approach Chakrasana, the backward roll, which is included at the end of Ashtanga Primary Series and the closing sequence.

Chakrasana is often used when coming out of a posture where we are lying on the floor. It gives us more flow in the sequence, instead of rolling up to a seated position and then jumping back to Chaturanga and doing our vinyasa.

10 min
Ashtanga vinyasa yoga fundamentals

Headstand Preparation

Here are some of Sofia’s favorite strength exercises to prepare for Handstand! This set of exercises strengthens your core, wrists and improves your balance. Doing this routine a few days a week will definitely get you going in your handstand practice. Keep practicing and it will come!

20 min
frog pose

Kurmasana Preparation

A class to help you open up the hips and the back of the hamstrings to prepare for Supta Kurmasana, one of the deepest forward fold in the Ashtanga Primary Series. Supta Kurmasana, or Sleeping Turtle Pose, is the peak pose of the series and before we’ve reached this pose we’ve gone through many forward folds. This video you can do just as it is or after/in your longer yoga practice/routine.

25 min
yoga pose

Flying Splits

In this class, we'll do a sequence that will prepare our body into your Flying Splits. This posture is about balance, both mental and physical strength and focus. Get the basics down with this class and then let's fly together!