Level 2

We continue to build on proper alignment and building strength, stamina, and flexibility, but start to link poses with breathing into a flow. Level 2 classes encourage yoga as a moving meditation through rhythm and flow. In order to develop mind-body vitality, these classes are more intense and more challenging. This is also where we start introducing more advanced poses to help you reach your next yoga level.

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30 min

Build Up the Heat

A quick flow working through the whole body. Start with a warm-up to then build up a flow where you will feel the heat rising through your body.
30 min

Pistol Squat Class

Do you want to work on your pistol squat? Then this class will help you warm up, prepare and play around this challenging single-leg squat. 
45 min

Full Body Yoga with Kettlebell

A full-body yoga class using a kettlebell. Start by warming up different parts of the body to then move through a series of flows using a kettlebell to add an extra challenge to your practice.