Prenatal Yoga Program

This prenatal pregnancy program is designed for all mamas to be. This time is filled with changes not only in your body but also mentally and emotionally. A yoga practice through your pregnancy will give you time and space to connect with those shifts and give you not just physical but emotional stability. Use the props as needed to support your practice and feel strong, flexible and confident as you go through one of the most magical stages of your life.
Prenatal Yoga Program

Week 1

Half pigeon pregnancy yoga

All Around Prenatal Class

This class will take you through the whole body. Starting with your hips, a kneeling and standing sequence, then moving into your legs, finishing in savasana. Remember to modify as you need and always listen to your body during this time of your practice.
Yogi is practising yoga on a blue yoga mat on white background

Wake Up Practice

Wake up your body and start your day with this sequence. We focus on opening the side body and chest, moving into a strong standing sequence to leave you ready for your day. Remember to modify as you need and bring in your props to support your practice.

Week 2

pregnant yoga

A Well Rounded Pregnancy Practice

Move from head to toes; this practice will target most of your body in just twenty minutes. From your feet, side body, twists, hamstrings, stability, you name it.

Get ready to connect with your body and your breath. Remember to modify and prop your self as needed.

janushirsasana pregnant

Lower Body Class

In this class we bring attention to the lower body, focusing mostly on the hips and legs. Your belly is growing bigger; it's important to keep your legs strong and to move to avoid cramps. Give your self twenty minutes of love and self-care. As always, modify as needed to fit your practice to where you are right now.

Week 3

Yogi is practising yoga on a blue yoga mat on white background

Front, Side and Back Body

Start with a few sun salutations, moving to a standing sequence where you will work on your side body, hips, and hamstrings, finishing with bridge pose to activate your glutes and find some hip extension. Remember to modify as you need to.

Enjoy your practice.

Yogi is practising yoga on a blue yoga mat on white background

Hips, Hamstrings and Stability

This class focuses on your hips, hamstrings and core stability in a few different ways during class. From pigeon pose, lunge and standing postures to a bit of core stability with bird dog. Feel free to modify this last one by staying in hands and knees or by extending just one leg at a time. Modify as needed and enjoy your practice.