If you are looking for a workout routine that is gentle enough to be manageable but still gives you a great workout, then the Pilates method is a great way to start. It has none of the high impact action of aerobics and pilates exercises focuses on strengthening the core muscles of the body. 
Pilates workout is excellent for toning and strengthening the body, and it will help you improve your posture and flexibility too. 

What is Pilates?

Pilates a system of exercises named after physical trainer Joseph Pilates 1883-1963. Exercises designed to help you improve your overall fitness and help relax tense muscles. Much focus is placed on improving the strength of your core muscles as this helps to keep your body stronger.

Some exercises make use of Pilates equipment like a reformer to improve the benefits But at Yogateket you will do mat Pilates. You could invest in a resistance band and foam rollers, but the rest of the equipment is optional. All you need to get started for mat classes are yoga mats. The Pilates moves can quickly be learned here at Yogateket from our Pilates teachers. 

What is Pilates Good For?

Pilates and yoga It is excellent for strengthening the body, toning the muscles, and body awareness. You could add aerobic exercise and possibly some, weight training in addition to your regular workout schedule. 
While it can help you with weight management and weight loss, the primary focus is on strengthening the core muscles so do keep this in mind. With Pilates and yoga practice healthy living is often coming naturally. 

Pilates Benefits

  • Pilates is whole body workout
  • Pilates develops core strength
  • It is adaptable to your fitness level
  • Create strength with lean muscles
  • Pilates increases flexibility
  • Pilates improves posture

It Won’t Hurt Your Joints

All that jumping around you do during aerobics or the jolts you get while jogging can be hell on the joints. A Pilates class is a much gentler form of exercise. There are no jarring movements that will cause long-term injury. If you battle with an illness like fibromyalgia, this could be the solution that you’re looking for when it comes to gentle fitness classes.

You can adjust the pace of the Pilates exercise to suit your needs. So, if you’re feeling pain because of your condition, slow things down a little. Overall, though, this is a far safer way to exercise when you’re battling with soreness. 
You can also find specialized mats that will help reduce further impact. These provide extra cushioning between yourself and the floor and will feel more comfortable. 

Your Mind Will Relax

During your Pilates workout, you have to concentrate to get your breathing right. This means that your workout gives your mind a break from worrying about the stress of daily life. You get similar benefits to what you would from meditation, but this is much easier. By focusing on something else entirely, your mind quiets automatically. You don’t have to worry about finding the exact right chant or pushing thoughts to the back of your mind. If you’ve always battled with stilling your mind during meditation, this is a great alternative. 

Improves Flexibility and Mobility

The tighter your muscles are, the more inflexible they become. Pilates method will help to relax and lengthen the muscles of the body. That, in turn, enables you to regain full mobility and become more flexible. You will enjoy this mobility as you age so that you can stay active well for much longer than the average person.

You’ll Be Smarter

Research has linked Pilates to improved alpha wave activity. Over time, this may lead to better cognitive reasoning and memory.

8 Classes

15 min
Jaime white doing pilates

Beginner Mat

This is a great introductory workout if you are new to Pilates. In this class, you will cover some of the beginner exercises that will help you develop core strength and flexibility. Much like Yoga, Pilates is a practice and gets better with time.

5 min
Jaime white doing pilates

Abs Series

This is the traditional Pilates Ab series that was taught in NYC by Pilates Protege Romana. It is a great 5 exercises that improve core strength while giving you a nice stretch in the lower body.

It’s a perfect example of using a two-way stretch from a strong center. Try to work your upper and lower body really long away from your center and you keep that rock solid to the mat :)

15 min
Jaime white doing pilates

Side Body Strength and Stretch

Sometimes we need a little more attention to our side bodies. Use this workout to challenge some of your balance, strength, and mobility. I love this workout as a great compliment to yoga. Focus on your alignment as small changes yield big results. It is easy to default into our postural imbalances in our side work but stay with it and you’ll be in for a nice treat.

20 min
Jaime white doing pilates

Upper Body Foam Roller

Spending too much time on the computer or driving?  This is a great active recovery class that will focus on self-massage to increase blood flow and some passive upper body movement to open chest and shoulders. Keep relaxed nasal breathing through this one as our muscles that work with respiration are sometimes closely related to tension.

20 min
Jaime white doing pilates

Lower Body Foam Roller

Need a little recover from too much activity or too little?  Sometimes we need a little self-massage to help facilitate blood flow and open up our lower extremities. Try this if you are stiff from too much sitting or intense exercise. Recover and restore to revitalize.

25 min
Jaime white doing pilates

Foam Roller Workout

There isn’t just Pilates Mat, there is also Pilates equipment that uses springs for added resistance or assistance. I love mimicking some of the traditional Pilates Reformer work on the foam roller to add a little bit of dynamic and challenge to my practice. This is a great workout for everyone especially those that workout on apparatus.
20 min

Rock and Roll Mat

One of my favorites! I am a runner in addition to doing Pilates and Yoga and a big kid at heart. This intermediate/advanced workout is a super fun way to find new strength and flexibility in your body. Have fun and make sure you double up your mat or add a blanket underneath as we will be rocking and rolling!

20 min

Mountain Climber

This class is sure to get your heart pumping!  Mountain climber is a great circuit to build power and strength in your lower body. The exercises in this class should get a good sweat going and a consistent repeat of this one will have you bounding up mountains in no time. Pay attention to the alignment of your feet on this one as that is where your power starts.