Lauren Matters

Lauren Matters is a lighthearted and playfully grounded yoga instructor who has a profound understanding of body and psyche. She has a background in Hot 26, Vinyasa, and AcroYoga, but also more than 20 years experience of equine therapy and a degree in clinical psychology, so she is well versed in several ways to connect through both body and mind.

Lauren’s classes blend mindful balance and dynamic practice. Her intention is for the classes to be a dance between structure and flow, in order for each yogi to create their own freedom within this balance. And, of course, to allow everyone to approach yoga in their own way and get “schwifty” with balance, flexibility, and power! Don’t know what schwifty is? Guess you’ll just have to take one of Lauren’s classes to find out! (And maybe also check this out to get a hum!)

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Lauren Matters

37 Class

60 min
Yogi is practising yoga on a burgundy coloured yoga mat on white background

It Takes Two to Tango

Dynamic Flexibility: Hips and Hamstrings

Find the sweet spot between a rubber band and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Balancing flexibility and strength is paramount to preventing injury and advancing your practice. We will work dynamically and break down different sequences and engage our muscles step by step. It can be hard, in the beginning, to open up your hips but with tips on the road, you will get there!